January 30, 2011 Deep Sea Fishing Report Port Aransas

January 30, 2011

Deep Sea Fishing Report Port Aransas

We are deep into the winter fishing season with spring conditions just a few weeks away.  There have been some boats out taking advantage of some calm days between fronts.  Captain Nate Forbes on the Iced Down made it out this weekend and reported good fishing.  He caught 20 blackfin tuna, 25 beeliners and kingfish.  The wahoo, which have been reported at Southern did not cooperate.  A couple of weeks ago, a private boat, the Happy Hour made it out to a nearby floater and boated about 10 yellowfin tuna and then hit Southern for an early morning bite and caught 6 wahoo up to 71 pounds.  Take a look at the last couple of February and March reports and you will see that there is some excellent fishing when you can make it out.  SO if you are coming down for spring break, give a call and book your trip now.

May 9, 2010 Port Aransas Offshore Fishing Report

May 9, 2010  Port Aransas Offshore Fishing Report

A lot has happened since the last report, and sure enough, the pelagic species have moved into the Port Aransas waters.  I had a couple of different boats report a nice weedline a few miles off of Southern this last week and it was holding dolphin and wahoo.  The Iced Down was one of the boats and although he said the water was not blue, it was still worth trolling.  The Iced Down also had a short trip in which they caught 7 ling and a released a limit of sharks (Sharpnose) and an undersized Blacktip.  I heard the Caliente caught a 98 lb Amberjack, heck of a fish.  Amberjack fishing has been very good with limits and the average fish going from 25-45 pounds.  That is a good fight and good table fare.

It looks like the prettiest water starts around 40-50 fathoms, so look for a color change or weedlines and there will be fish.

Congrats to the Ambush, they went out last week during the weather window and released two blue marlin.  It is always great to see one or two blue marlin, but to actually release 2 in a trip is outstanding.

The federal Red Snapper season is open from June 1 to July 24.  Judging by the amount of snapper that the spring trips have been having to release, it should be an excellent snapper season.

There is no problem with the oil spill off of our waters, we are watching the situation very closely and make sure to keep those who are affected in your prayers.  Anyone who has spent any time along the gulf coast can understand the severity of the impact to the environment and lives of the local communities.

The bay fishing is in full swing with all of the guides reporting very good fishing for reds and trout.  There will be reports of kingfish around the jetties soon.  I also know that there has been some jackfish being caught around the ferries this last week too.

Give a call if you have any questions or if you want to set up a trip.  Tight Lines.


Feb 5, 2010 Nate Forbes Fishing Report, Port Aransas

March 2007 Texas Charter Fleet Fishing Report

 3/07/07 - General Offshore- The wahoo bite is beginning to materialize at Baker and Southern. Iced Down had a day that the captain claimed was one of the craziest days of fishing he has experienced.  They caught limits of amberjack, a couple of African pompano, grouper, kingfish, jackfish, and wahoo.  They had a 300lb mako by the boat eating on there wahoo but could not get a hook in it.  On a triple hook up, the last bait was being reeled in when a 50lb wahoo went airborne and landed on the transom and was “teetering” but went back to where she came from.  They ended up with 7 wahoo that went 30-50lbs each, with 3 others ending up in the Mako’s belly.    The boats have been getting out there whenever the weather has cooperated and they have been producing.  The offshore boats have been booking up fast for the summer, so call early so you are not left at the dock.

Got a report yesterday 3/06/07 from a group in Costa Rica.  It looks like the sails have finally shown up.  Robert  “El Rey” Hart and his father had to call it quits early after releasing 15 sails between the two of them.  Looks like three days of that may wear them out.  I think they are looking forward to there round on the golf course.  Pura Vida!!

Inshore is starting to heat up.  The warmer temperatures will get these fish moving and feeding.  The fishing has been up and down, but that is fishing.  The guides are get

October 2004 Fishing Report

  • 10/25/04 -  Offshore General - Fair winds have deserted the Texas coast for the past few weeks making it a tough  trip offshore most days. The Snapper have been getting bigger, but season ends this month, so now is the time! When you can travel, the Tuna bite at the shrimp boats is still a good bet. Floater trips are still Hot!
  • 10/25/04 - TEMPTATION Capt. Matt Haworth - Another successful run out to the Floater’s! 6 Yellowfin Tuna 40 to 70 lbs, a Dozen Blackfin Tuna, a few nice Dorado, and a 15 lb Barjack to round out the day! 
  • 10/25/04 -  HIGH BID – Capt. Aaron Chambers - Steady this week on Snapper, Shark, and Ling. A few Dorado and Cudas picked up as well. Current is ripping right now!
  • 10/25/04 -  YELLOWFIN – Capt. Tommy Gueldner - Over 400 lbs of Blackfin Tuna on Sunday! Windy conditions making it tough to travel to very many Shrimpers. 
  • 10/25/04 -  WOODHOUSE GUIDE – Capt. Ed Woodhouse - Live Shrimp and Live Mullet still working best up in the Flats. Picking up several nice Reds around Estes. 
  • 10/25/04 -  JUST 1 MORE – Capt. Frank Eicholz - Windy, Windy, Windy!  – Picking up a few Reds and Drum around Hog with Live shrimp under a popping cork. Also good luck inside Dagger with Live Mullet, Shrimp, and Spoons. 


  • 10/14/04 -  Offshore General - Shrimpers moving to the North have brought back the Tuna bite over the past few weeks. Several boats brining in big numbers of Blackfin, along with a few very sizeable Yellowfin. A few Dorado and Wahoo still being picked up on the troll out past 50 fathoms. Bigger Snapper showing up and Big Amberjack still hot out at Falcon. 
  • 10/14/04 – TEMPTATION Capt. Matt Haworth - Fairly steady bite on Tuna over the past week. Several nice Blackfin and a Yellowfin to 124lbs! Also picking up occasional Blacktip Shark, a few nice Dorado, as well as Amberjack to 66lbs! 
  •  October 2004 Fishing Report  October 2004 Fishing Report  October 2004 Fishing Report
  • 10/14/04 – HIGH BID – Capt. Aaron Chambers - Blackfin Tuna have been coming in in good numbers off of the Shrimpers. Also picking up a few nice ling and Dorado on those boats. Amberjack and Snapper still steady. 
  • 10/14/04 -  YELLOWFIN – Capt. Tommy Gueldner - Tuna, Kingfish, AJ’s, and some BIG Snapper have been where the action is over the last week. Looking for the Tuna bite to stay hot!
  • 10/14/04 – JUST 1 MORE – Capt. Frank Eicholz - Hitting the Redfish in the Flats. Mullet working best. Work them because they are definitely there! 
  • 10/14/04 -  WOODHOUSE GUIDE – Capt. Ed Woodhouse - Reds moving up into the flats. Fishing the pot holes on the drift with live shrimp or finger mullet. Steady on limits of Reds and a few nice Trout.
  • 10/14/04 – FISHING FEVER – Capt. Mark Rochester III - Limits and Limits of Redfish! Good luck using live shrimp and finger mullet drift fishing hog island flats Sunday the 10th. 
  • rochester71 small October 2004 Fishing Report
  • 10/08/04 -  Offshore General – Sorry for the delay in reports! A little computer memory glitch!… But the fishing has not stopped. Last week saw the continuation of a good Tuna bite anywhere from the 26′s to near the North  Baker area. The Wahoo bite seemed to be scattered through that area as well out to Falcon. Reports of Billfish still hot out near Dutra with a few Blues released last weekend. Loads of Small flying fish and a Blue Green Rip at 40 fathoms. If the weather holds up, the conditions look favorable for a continued hot bite!

Port Aransas Fishing Report

  • 2/28/04 - FISHING FEVER – Capt. Mark Rochester III – Fished in big slought and shamrock using live shrimp. Several Redfish, and Sheephead. Wind was ripping.
  •   2/28/04 – WOODHOUSE GUIDE – Capt. Ed Woodhouse – Redfish little harder to find, but got into some good keepers. Water is warming up and so should the aggressive bite! Dagger producing most numbers.
  • 2/28/04 – HIGH BID – Capt. Brian Cody – State water snapper trip on Saturday. Five limits. Rough offshore!! Built to 8 foot. Looking forward to summer bite!
  • 2/20/04 – Sorry for the lack of Fishing Reports! Been outta town in Costa Rica - Solid bite there through July. Average half dozen Sailfish releases a day, and raise over a dozen. A few Blue Marlin mixed in and scattered Tuna and Dolphin.  Capt. Jay Belzeski on the “Fishin Off” released a 700 lb. Blue Feb 9th. Pictures pending.
  • 2/20/04 – RIP TIDE – Capt. Carl Shanklin – Nice Mako! 557.5 lbs! We have ‘em here in the winter, just need to be tough enough to get out there in the cold!