July Fishing Forecast Port Aransas

Port Aransas Deep Sea Fishing Forecast for July

July fishing and the weather have something in common here is Port Aransas, they are both hot!  The blue water will be in close and the winds start to fall into a pattern more favorable for the offshore run.  Snapper season is still open for a few more weeks and they have been very easy to find, just find some of your favorite bottom structure and drop to it.  Keep in mind that sometimes those large sows are suspended off the bottom, so you may want to place your baits accordingly.

Something else to look for starting in July are the shrimp boats.  Shrimping season usually begins right around July 15.  These shrimp boats can attract every species of game fish that the gulf can offer.  Some of the regulars that can be found are kingfish, ling cobia, sharks, bonita and blackfin tuna.  It is usually best to troll by the shrimpers to see what might come up.  If trolling does not produce some dinner, then chumming and drift fishing may do the trick.

July also starts the beginning of the tournament season here in Texas, this is because the fishing and weather are very cooperative.  The billfish (blue marlin, white marlin and sailfish) are in good numbers and can be caught on a regular day charter out of Port Aransas.  Some billfish “bycatch” may include wahoo, mahi-mahi, yellowfin and blackfin tuna.    It is best to start looking around the rocks beginning with Baker, Hospital and Southern and further out at Dutra, the Dumps and East Breaks.  Always look for signs that may indicate your best chances of finding the billfish…rips, weedlines, color changes, slicks, bait and bottom structure.  When two or more of these signs come together, stick with it and you will get a shot at some of the best fighting and tasting fish the Gulf waters has to offer.

One last thing, the tropical weather starts to get active in July, so always keep your eye on the weather and give someone your float plan.  Have fun out there and be safe!


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