Port Aransas Fishing Forecast for March

Deep sea fishing out of Port Aransas really starts to heat up this time of year with a variety of fish willing to cooperate.  Most of the boats are going to be heading out about 35-45 miles to the rocks ( Baker, Southern) to get to some good structure and prettier water.  The kingfish have been thick at the rocks and you should try fishing the entire water column to find exactly where they are located.  You may want to use a little chum to get the kings stirred up.  Another resident of the rocks and rigs in March are the Wahoo.  Large Wahoo are often caught trolling the rigs at sunrise for a couple hours and then again later in the afternoon.  Diving plugs and ballyhoo are excellent ways to catch these delicious fish, which can average 40 pounds and can reach up to 80 pounds.

March is an excellent time to test your strength against the Amberjack.  These fish can range from 25 to 80 pounds and they will pull as hard as any fish in the ocean.  Amberjack are normally found deep around structure. Large live baits are normally what it takes to entice some of the larger AJs.  Do not be surprised if you hook into a large Warsaw grouper if you are fishing on the bottom .

The blackfin tuna can usually be found around the rocks and more likely behind any shrimp boats. When you find the blackfin and wahoo, there is a good chance that a Mako shark is not far.  The Mako shark will normally try to take your dinner away from you, so be ready with a pitch bait in case the Mako shows up.  If it is yellowfin tuna you are looking for, you will need to make a long trip to the deep water rigs,  where there has been a consistent bite on yellowfin up to 100 pounds.

Some other large fish that are starting to show up this month are the ling (cobia, lemonfish).  They will be found near structure such as the oil rigs and flotsam., and it is not unusual for them to reach 60 pounds or better.

If you want to catch some Red Snapper, they are around, but you have to catch them in state waters until the Federal season opens later this summer.

Always remember to double check the weather forecast and give someone your float plan.

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