August 23, 2010 Deep Sea Fishing Report, Port Aransas

August 23, 2010

Port Aransas Deep Sea Fishing Report

A lot has been happening in the last couple of weeks.  Reports that the green water is starting to move out have been increasing.  There was still some reported towards Dutra, but straight out and south have been much better.  The weather has been very cooperative for the most part and the fish have also been numerous.  THere are still reports of good weedlines  starting as close in a 20 miles.  That is close enough to get some chicken dolphin, aka mahi mahi and maybe some wahoo.  THere will definitely be some sailfish in close as the El Gato and Captain Tom Ramsden caught 2 sails while on an 8hr charter. One of the sails was caught around the ships.  Besides the sailfish, kingfish and chicken dolphin have also bee reported being caught at the ships.

The shrimpers are out there, and so are the different fish that go with them.  The Caliente, with captain John Brennan, has been catching  a nice variety of fish on his trips.  The staple seem to be kingfish, amberjack, dog snapper and ling.  On one of the fishing trips, he caught 13 different species of fish.  Some people are happy with 13 fish, but 13 species…what a trip.

On a billfish trip last week, the High Bid released a blue marlin and a white marlin.

Blue%20marlin%20high%20bios%20port%20aransas small August 23, 2010  Deep Sea Fishing Report, Port Aransas   white%20marlin%20high%20bid%20port%20aransas small August 23, 2010  Deep Sea Fishing Report, Port Aransas

The billfish bite has been hot.  A few of the boats have seen more than 7 billfish in a single trip.  There are a lot of white marlin being caught this year so if you need to get your white, now is the time.  Usually the sailfish and white marlin start to school up for the next couple of months, and as most seasoned billfisherman know, this is a great time of the year to have multiple shots at billfish.

A few boats have been making it to the floaters on some extended trips, and have been rewarded with some great tuna action, one tuna caught at Perdido topped the scales at 163 pounds.  It wasn’t the only big yellowfin tuna there.  There were 100 pound plus tuna seen throughout the day down there.  There are a number of boats that will make that trip so please call for information. Here is a picture of that 163# yellowfin tuna.

tuna163 small August 23, 2010  Deep Sea Fishing Report, Port Aransas

Port Aransas Bay Fishing

The fishing reports from the bay guides said that it was a little slow a couple weeks ago as far as the redfish were concerned, but the black drum were making up for it.  Over this last weekend the reds seemed to have turned on, Butch Findley reports 4 limits on one of his trips.  When the winds calm down, the trout have been pretty active as well, especially if you can make it out to the surf.  There have been some large bull reds caught around the jetties, which is the norm for this time of year.  Do not be surprised if you happen to see a few tarpon rolling around as well.  Both of these fish are in the peak of there seasons and should be plentiful for the next month.

Port Aransas is at the beginning of the favorite season for fishing acccals.  With school starting up, it is a little quieter on the island and the fishing is spectacular.  If you ask any locals,what their favorite time of year to fish is, the majority will say the fall.  Come find out for yourself and I am sure you will not be disappointed.  Please feel free to call if you have any questions.